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How To Set Up All The Legals On Long Term Car Rentals To Ensure You Have A Safe Trip

Making Comparisons on Car Rentals’ Green Slip Insurers


There are various insurance companies offering Compulsory Third Party insurance on long term car rentals. In order to find the most inexpensive CTP Green Slip price, it is essential to first compare Green Slips car insurance in NSW. There are various ways to make a comparison for Slip insurers.


Comparing Car Insurance


  • Use Green Slips calculator – there are websites that provide this service for free. It will give you an estimated price for each insurer based on the details of the vehicle you will provide. Additional information will also be given if they are relevant to your case such as at-fault driver cover discounts and benefits on other products. Contact details of insurers will also be given. You can contact and buy your CTP Green Slip from the insurer you choose online or via phone. Generally, the Green Slip will be sent by electronic RTA. You can also renew your registration in person, online or over the phone.
  • Use Green Slip calculator operated by MAA (Motor Accidents Authority) – MAA’s Green slip calculator also provides estimated price for various Green Slip insurers. However, MAA’s comparison service operates with specific types of vehicles. It does not operate for buses, trucks, and fleets. For these types of vehicles, it is advisable to do the next option.
  • Directly contact the insurer of your choice – insurance companies have website and contact details where you can directly contact them and ask for their prices. You can obtain price quotes of Green Slips for vehicles that are not included in MAA’s comparison service.


At-Fault Cover: Other Factors to Consider


Some of the CTP Green Slip buyers do not only base their decision on price upon purchasing their insurance. Being the cheapest green slip provider should not only be the top priority.


  • Another factor to consider is the at-fault driver cover. This is differentiation point among the insurers. Other insurers incorporate additional feature such as providing benefits for drivers injured and at-fault in a car accident.
  • This is a worthwhile feature for drivers that are at-fault. Under the green slip scheme, the driver who caused the accident is not covered with the same extent as other people involved.
  • This coverage is limited by policy wording. Exclusion is also limited to certain injuries and the insurer’s schedule of benefits and amounts set.


What Insurers Offer


Prices of Green Slips are determined by the insurers. They consider factors such as location, type of vehicle, the driver’s age, insurance claims, and driving records. They can charge premiums with the basis submitted to the MAA. Thus, discounts for aspects like good driving record and lack or zero claims reflect in the green slip price. The price is applicable for the vehicle and the driver’s characteristics.


Also, there are insurers who provide discounts on the green slip price if there are other insurance products purchased with that insurer. It is also known as product bundling. However, there is no explanation on the basis of calculation of such discount with product bundling. Others offer discounts on other kinds of insurance on the basis that a green slip is bundled with other products with that insurer.